Thursday, October 27, 2011

Accra Floods - Will Gov't Overlook Once Season Ends?

Almost every Ghanaian's response to the storms that have destroyed parts of Accra has been: "Government won't do anything about it." Because they've heard the rhetoric surrounding Accra flooding in years past.

A cab driver I took yesterday at Adabraka would not stop ranting about how terrible the situation was, taking me through areas heavily affected by the torrential rains: people drying their clothes on sidewalks or fence walls. One shop I witnessed displayed brand new air-conditioners apparently filled with water being dried in the sun. What tore my heart the most was the destruction of shelters, mind you, these are low-income areas. These folks are already struggling to survive under previous conditions, how much more now?

A co-worker told me that on his way to work he witnessed victims being pulled out of overflowing bridges. One end of a particular bridge was sealed off with a net to prevent victims from falling into a larger part that had turned into a mini river. Whoa!

One disheartening story is of a young man who took on the task of alerting people of the flood only to be taken away later by the water. Another is of a family at Kasoa that spent the night on their roof top because their house was flooded.

This issue of ineffective drainage systems causing disasters in Accra in the wake of such events has existed for many years. Each government comes into power with empty promises, the opposition comes only to do the same. On yesterday's Minority Caucus on MultiTV's "The Caucus," Kwamena Duncan, Central Regional Secretary of the New Patriotic Party, stated that something must be done about this problem, forgetting that his party was in power for eight years and did absolutely nothing about it.

It's not enough for the president to go out giving condolences. What I saw in the streets of Accra yesterday was simply heartbreaking. And traffic had quadrupled. A 10-minute drive turned into a 45-minute drive.

It is common knowledge that politicians are deceptive, but this is plain wickedness.

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  1. É um absurdo que anos apos anos isso aconteça.
    Espero que o povo bate de frente com esses politicos que estão numa sacanagem tremenda.
    Boa sorte e continue com esse blog.