Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Regional Minister, Kofi Opoku-Manu, Going Under?

My latest submission to Global Voices Online. Savor on this in the interim!

Ashanti Regional Minister, Kofi Opoku-Manu, has recently taken great heat for remarks he made during a speech to supporters of the ruling party, National Democratic Congress (NDC) on January 6th.
According to Ghana’s Ato-Kwamena Dadzie, Opoku-Manu “urged party supporters to resort to violence to resolve their differences.”

Dadzie reports in his article, “Opoku-Manu Must Go” with a direct quote from the Regional Minister:

"If you can slap him, do so."

Dadzie states:
"Comments like these are reckless and irresponsible. You don’t expect a man in Mr. Opoku-Manu’s position to utter them. But he did.

Two days later, he had no recollection of what he had said until a recording was played back to him. That was when he came to his senses, acknowledged his momentous folly and offered an apology, which only came after some big wigs within the government instructed to clear the mess he has created." Read more....

What's New?? Happy New Year!

I know that I've been absent for some time but I'm coming back very soon!! There's been so much happening...great things! From the launch of the ALL NEW Obaasema.com to our latest print release to building new projects! I know this blog is supposed to be devoted to political, economic and social issues in Africa but I can't help sharing what I've been up to! And oh, did I forget to wish you all a Happy New Year?! I know, we're half-way through January!

I've been cooking up some stuff for you and I haven't forgotten about my article regarding the anti-corruption initiative by the UN and World Bank. I'll be posting that very soon.

So here's to my followers and readers...I haven't forgotten about you, I'm coming back very soon!