Monday, September 20, 2010

Come on, Guinea, Come on!

Mamadou Bah Baadikko, spokesman for the Alliance Cellou for President, a group for the leading presidential candidate, took the words out of my mouth when, according to the Associated Press, he said: "Is there such a thing as a place that is more secure than Camp Samory, which houses the chief of staff of the army? And you tell me that in this highly secure site, it is only the voting materials that caught fire? And you want me to believe that this is an accident? That's especially hard to do given that they have done everything in their power to once again push back the vote."


Cellou Dalein Diallo, the leading presidential candidate supported by the quoted man above, has accused the government of attempting to derail the elections after several postponements since June. Who can blame his followers from viewing this as another attempt by the government to sabotage his bid for the presidency?

What other derailment attempts are they talking about? On thursday, Ceydou Bayo, head of communications of the National Independent Electoral Commission announced that voting set for Sunday (9/19/10) had to be postponed because - listen to this - voter ID cards ordered from a printer in South Africa had not yet arrived.


And there's the other interesting announcement that followed: that the vote will be delayed for another two to three weeks.

Thanks Guinea for, once again, putting Africa on the "progressive" train. Watch how I placed progressive in parenthesis.

So we're led to believe that an entire functioning government couldn't ensure the timely delivery of some of the most important materials needed for an election?

Pure shame.

Just remember political leaders, we are an intelligent group of people. Make an effort to help the world see that!

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