Monday, March 10, 2014

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So, once again, I come with apologies for abandoning this platform for so long! I come with no promises, though, but I definitely want to start feeding some great content on here with some of the fabulous happenings at Obaasema!

So, a new addition to the team, Akua Chachu, wrote about skin bleaching in her first article drawing comparisons between a woman who bleaches, one who gets a boob job and one who wears 5 inch heels to increase in height. Are they all the same? I've posted a bit of the article below:

Skin Lightening, Identity Crisis: Are These Really The Issues?

I am a black-skinned girl. No, not the brown-skinned girl you’ve heard about in songs and poems. This girl is black. Or so my mother says. She’d watch me from a distance and say, “ei Nana Akua, as for you, you’re too dark.” And then I’d tell her I like being the beautiful black-skinned girl. Believe me it took quite a while to arrive at this mentality, but how many other women are there yet?

Before I go on let me explain something to you. My father was kind of like the United Nations, you know, bringing various nations and tribes together so that I have siblings of various descents and therefore, various skin colors. Among my siblings, especially those I grew up with, I may have been one of the darkest.

As a child, I remember mommy scolding me whenever she found me standing in the sun: “You continue to stand in the sun; your skin will become the color of charcoal,” she’d tell me, “Go and have a quick bath.” Continue reading...