Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good Reads for the New Year - My Picks

So I read this inspiring book by Hugh MacLeod about creativity, originality, balance and doing something that matters entitled "Ignore Everybody - And 39 Other Keys to Creativity" and I thought it would be selfish to keep it to myself. I wanted to share it here especially since I can't afford to buy it for every creative person I know! Since I'm sharing books with you, via recommendation, I thought why not include three of my favorite books - totally good! Here ya go!

 By the talented Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Read my review of the book in Obaasema magazine.  It's a historical favorite kind of book! You're fed with information about a major historical event that affected the lives of many in Nigeria. The writer does an incredible job of giving life to her characters, which makes the story feel even more real. A must read! 
Ahhh Simon Montefiore! I actually chanced upon this book last year at a Dollar Store in Philadelphia for...guess how much? One dollar!! And I would've bought it again if it were selling at the original price of $27.00. It's my first read by Montefiore and I'm totally a fan. Another historical fiction...yeah, I gravitate towards these books without thinking! But this one is also good, set from 1916-1994 Russia, the author does a great job of weighing Marxism and Capitalism through the lives of his characters. I loved it and will definitely read it again.   
Uh-oh, Mr. "Godfather" himself. Although Puzo didn't complete this book before his death - and folks have criticized it for its lack of authenticity and whatnot, I still enjoyed it and appreciated what Puzo attempted to creatively do with this novel. I actually got this book, for free, about six years ago on my way back from a meeting with my journalism professor in school. It was just lying on a shelf without an owner...I asked prof if I could have it and he gave the go ahead. Another historical fiction set in 15th century Rome. I'll read it again.

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