Sunday, May 27, 2012


So earlier this month I went on a trip (work-related) to Kumasi, making it my third visit there since I've lived in Ghana, and I thought whoa, I have to take advantage of this place. Kumasi really feels like a whole other kind of Ghana by itself. I mean folks there have created their own sort of entertainment that speaks to them - they make their own movies that they seem to enjoy very much; there are entertainment centers and cool restaurants and bars to spice up the night life. And I must add, people in Kumasi seem to love to have fun! There are some really beautiful historic areas that I wished I had gotten the chance to see, but hopefully that can be done on my next trip. I was fortunate, though, to get to explore the Kumasi Cultural Centre for a bit and on my way back I took some pictures of the infamous Nkawkaw market - I loved it!

Kumasi Cultural Centre
Ashanti men playing musical instrument in a beautiful art piece built into a wall at the Cultural Centre

Prempeh II Jubilee Museum @ the Cultural Centre
Nkawkaw Market - where the best bread is sold - located close to Kumasi

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